Chelsea is MAGIC! I have been seeing Chelsea for years and there isn't anything she can't do. Not only is she amazing at her trade, she's a WONDERFUL human being. Sitting in her chair is like a vacation from life. She truly cares about her clients personally. 

During my pregnancy, I definitely let my new growth (I was a blonde) get a little out of control, however, Chels never made me feel uncomfortable about it. She never made me feel like my hair was ever "too much to handle". 
I have never felt so comfortable sitting in the chair of a stylist as I do with her. 

I could type paragraph after paragraph about how great and talented she is. But instead, I'll just sum up my review by saying that you won't be disappointed if you go in and see her! She's been doing my hair in Austin, TX  and now that she has relocated, you can bet that I'm driving 3+ hours to see her still. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my mane! 



I have been seeing Chelsea for a while now and she has been on my hair journey from so many different colors: warm blonde, purple, lavender, icy blonde, and now a beautiful copper. When I first came to Chelsea, I had come with hair that had been botched in terms of performance on a fashion color. I grew up in salons and having my hair done, so coming to Austin I was shocked to find that so many places provided sub-par services and charged out the wazoo for them. And, when complaining, would not fix the issue. To say I came to Chelsea scared, a bit skeptical, and nervous is an understatement.
To say I left the appointment with a re-found confidence, happiness, and a pep in my step is also an understatement!
Chelsea is wonderful and such a master when it comes to hair. She is blunt (which I appreciate) and honest about what is required on the hair journey. Whenever I have had questions, she has been so patient to answer them! When I have shown her pictures of ideas I have, she has delivered and then some. Her prices are 100% absolutely fair, especially considering the quality you earn from it (and how other places will charge similar if not more for botched hair). You pay for: gorgeous hair, a cut which suits your natural texture, highlights with respect to the health and vitality of the hair, her master color knowledge, and her excellent supplies (I love that she showed me Formula 18! I am a convert~!).
What I also love about Chelsea is her honesty--when I have asked her for certain ideas or styles, she is transparent in whether or not she can do so AND she will recommend someone who can. So, not only is she a master, but she is honest and ready to uplift the other hair artists around her.
My hair journey has been such an uplifting one with her. Never before did I take the leap of faith to do fashion colors like Lavender. But with her I took that leap and am so happy I did. She truly knows how to make hair beautiful and dimensional. AND, when she does fashion colors, you actually look as though you were born with that color. It might seem weird to say you can look like you *naturally* have lavender hair but let Chelsea show you it can be a reality!
All this to say, outside of feeling transformed, Chelsea is excellent company. Every appointment flies by and I always look forward to seeing her. I am honored to say she isn't just a wonderful stylist in my life but also a very treasured friend.
I am so in love with her work that, since moving out of Austin, I told her I would make the drive ANY time to come and get my hair done by her. Shoot, I don't even care if it is Dallas or even further. If she was in another state I would fly, drive, do whatever I needed to receive her upstanding service!


I have been seeing Chelsea for 6 years now. She has painted my hair through the entire color wheel. I've had red hair, blonde hair, sherbet hair, purple roots, pastel rainbow hair, pink hair. There isn't a single one of my crazy ideas that she has shied away from. She is just always up for an adventure, and never afraid of a challenge. 

Best of all, she will take you on this hair journey as safely as possible. I think it says a lot about a stylist when they are not willing to compromise the integrity of your hair for the sake of a quick buck. It shows that she cares about what she does and about her clients. 

Also, Chelsea as a human being is just a damn delight! Her interests run the gamut from animals, to true crime, to gardening.. you name it! So to be insanely talented at what you do, but also be just a bad ass person to sit with for a couple hours.. what more could you ask for? 

I am eternally sad she has moved on from Austin. However, you better believe I will hop in the car and drive my ass 3 hours to Dallas to get my hair done. When you find someone this special, you hold on as long as you can! And she is worth every penny and mile I put on my car to get to her. 

I promise you will have an amazing experience with Chelsea. Your hair will be in the best shape it's ever been. Your soul will be nourished because you will laugh with her, talk with her, get to know what an absolutely wonderful human being she is.. and you will feel truly cared for both on the inside and outside.